Grimm Bros. plans to bring a darker mentality to PC/tablet RPGs


Grimm Bros. is on a mission. They want to bring the darker notions of Grimm, Chaucer, Tolkien, Stoker, and many others to the world of PC/tablet RPGs. The studio, which plans to showcase their first title at next week’s Game Developers Conference, was started earlier this year by Ash Monif, the former COO of Human Head, and artist Randis Albion.

Speaking to the Cogswell Polytechnical College blog, Monif said, “I have always been a fan of complex subject matter. I grew up reading the classics Grimm, Chaucer, Tolkien – and I feel that today’s games gloss over a lot of the richness that can be found within these great works. Our goal is to build a community of core and mid-core gamers who are seeking out a redefined RPG experience.”

The Cogswell blogger pitched the team’s sensibilities as “Evil Dead meets Monty Python.” You hear that? That’s the sound of a gaggle of geeks just shrieking in joy.

Shrieks of joy (and terror) will also be produced when you view the Albion-created concept art (which may or may not be representative of Grimm’s first project) based on Little Red Riding Hood, Dracula, The Golem, and others after the break.

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