PSN Today: Darkstalkers Resurrection, plenty of PSone imports, more


Capcom’s fighting game compilation, Darkstalkers Resurrection is the big addition in this week’s PlayStation Store update. The package comes complete with Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 to sate your monster battling urges.

Also available this week is a sextet of PSone Classics that were previously only available in Japan, the PS3 full game Quantum Theory, the PSN games Psych Yourself and Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, the Vita game Puzzle by Nikoli V: Sudoku, and the PS2 Classic Kessen II.

More details for all of these games can be found after the break and a full list of today’s new game add-ons can be found at the PlayStation Blog.

PS3 Full Games

Quantum Theory ($29.99)
A dark tower looms over a wasted world. Infected by the diablosis, the living battlefields within shift and twist while a lone warrior, Syd, fights his way to the top. Are you ready for the tower?

PSN Games

Darkstalkers Resurrection ($14.99)
Darkstalkers Resurrection updates to two games for the price of one – Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. These feature classic gameplay and unique characters as well as a host of new features, including a variety of HD visual modes, online play with 8-player lobbies, YouTube replay sharing, improved challenge modes, dynamic awards, and unlockable extras. Embrace the dark!

Psych Yourself ($6.99)
Explore your creativity, master your emotions, and propel your perception to new heights with Psych Yourself! The follow-up to Test Yourself: Psychology, one of the top-selling indie PSN games of 2011, Psych Yourself comes loaded with fun tests designed to evaluate your Creativity, Emotional IQ, and Perception, so delve into the depths of your psyche and Psych Yourself today!

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear ($19.99)
Wage high speed war in Iran and Afghanistan with helicopters, tanks, ships, the mighty AC-130, sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenades and more. Single player or cooperative mode for up to 4 players. 60+ Achievements, ranks, and upgrades. Compare scores via the leaderboard. 24 action-packed missions.

PS Vita Games

Puzzle by Nikoli V: Sudoku ($4.99)
Puzzle by Nikoli V: Sudoku contains 50 sudoku puzzles. Sudoku is a puzzle in which you place numbers from 1 to 9 into a 9×9 grid, divided into horizontal and vertical lines and 3×3 blocks, filling up all of the spaces with the numbers.

PSone Classics

Favorite Dear: Enkan No Monogatari ($5.99)
The ultimate blend of RPG and sim game, Favorite Dear ~Enkan no Monogatari~ provides a unique, character-driven experience with a cast of fantastic and unforgettable heroes. The world is hurdling towards certain doom and its final hope rests in the hands of one hero and his peace-loving angel…

First Queen IV ($5.99)
A chaotic real-time strategy RPG where dozens of characters battle it out for control of Logres. Test your mettle as you command your troops in combat against other would-be kings. Form alliances to ensure your conquest and bring peace to the land.

Mahjong Uranai Fortuna: Tsuki No Megami Tachi ($5.99)
Enjoy the classic game of mahjong as you square off against 3 adorable fortune tellers. Even if you can’t claim strategic superiority, your opponent will still gladly read your fortune and await a rematch. Train hard to prove your abilities as a mahjong master and defeat all challengers.

Motorhead: High Velocity Entertainment ($5.99)
Race across 16 of the fastest tracks in the TransInternet Speed League and come in first over your equally reckless competition.

Oz No Mahoutsukai Another World RungRung ($5.99)
Experience the timeless classic of The Wizard of Oz reimagined in a fantastic new adventure. Little Dorothy has found herself in the mysterious land of Oz and must solve her problems with the use of special magical items. Can you return peace to the magical land beyond the rainbow? Follow the yellow brick road straight to the cutest RPG you’ve ever seen.

Sentimental Graffiti ($5.99)
Growing up, you were constantly moving from one town to the next. You didn’t really have time for friends or romance. One day, you receive a letter that changes everything with one simple sentence: “I want to see you…” Who could have possibly sent this? In your head you’ve got this secret admirer narrowed down to one of the 12 girls you met during your tumultuous childhood. Immerse yourself in this classic dating simulation and uncover the secrets of this mysterious letter.

Trump Shiyouyo! Fukkoku-Ban ($5.99)
Welcome to the exciting world of TRUMP! Enjoy 10 of the most popular card games around including Seven Bridge (the Japanese version of Rummy), Speed, Blackjack, Poker, and more!

PS2 Classics

Kessen II ($9.99)
Command the various Chinese factions vying for power in this historical fantasy based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.

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