The Last of Us scares us to death at PAX East

thelastofus-boxThe Warp Zoned crew is at PAX East, and the first thing we did was head straight for The Last of Us and give the 30-minute demo a go. We played as Joel, protecting Ellie and Tess as they try to make their way through the downtown of a destroyed city. I spent a lot of time wandering, picking up med kits, ammo, and notes. I also picked up a bottle and a brick, later throwing them to distract the infected from tearing my neck off.

It feels a lot like the Uncharted games – obviously – but with a metric ton of tension that left me shaking afterwards. The buildings you make your way through are crumbling, giving it more of that Naughty Dog feeling. The graphics are amazing, the sound is engrossing and terrifying, and the action is top notch. The only bad thing so far? You can’t jump.

Stay tuned for more from the show floor as we play more games!

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