Believe it or not, Deep Silver released the Dead Island: Riptide “torso edition” in UK, Australia


Back in January, the Internet went into complete meltdown after Deep Silver revealed the “bloody torso statue” at the center of the Zombie Bait Edition of Dead Island: Riptide. Normally, a limited edition statue wouldn’t cause much of a stir beyond the hardcore special edition collectors, but the “Zombie Bait Edition” was set to include a statue that depicted a mutilated (read: armless and legless and headless) woman wearing nothing but a Union Jack bikini.

Deep Silver apologized for the statue saying, “We sincerely regret this choice.” The statement also said: “[W]e are committed to making sure this will never happen again.” No matter how much they said they regretted it at the time, the company has gone ahead and released the “Zombie Bait Edition” as originally planned in the UK and Australia. I guess if you promise to make sure something never happens again, it has to happen at least once.

According to CNET Australia, a Deep Silver representative told them that “an extremely limited quantity of the Zombie Bait Edition has been made available to some retailers for those customers who wish to purchase it.”

[Source: CVG]

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