Daily Scoop: April 16, 2013 – Back to reality

I went to MEPACon this weekend and played a buttload of Dungeons and Dragons! It was a good time, but I’m glad to be back to regular life, regular food, and regular sleep. Not that I didn’t appreciate three solid days of role playing, but after a while, everybody needs some sleep, am I right?

I’m super excited about the release of Pandora’s Tower today! I hope I can make some decent progress in Dead Space 3 before the Wii game takes over my entire life. And everyone keeps telling me to get Defiance and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Aieeee!

If you’re looking for some good deals, Amazon has Asura’s Wrath on sale for $17.64, which is 65% off the retail price. Scoop it up!

If you’re looking for t-shirts, you won’t be disappointed!

Shirt.woot has their “Mentions of Honor” available for a while, including The Catchers:


And Inspired by Katamari Damacy:


“Cross The Streams? Y/N” at Ript will make Ghostbusters fans happy:


There are also two good Pokemon shirts today as well. The Yetee has “Faint Attacks:”


While Limiteed has “Nostalgia:”


I know a few people who would like “Space Fox” at Graphic Lab:


And finally, “The Miraculous Heart Container” at Tee Raiders is a repeat of a great shirt:


There are so many good ones I can’t decide!

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