Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon out-Rambos Rambo on April 30

Not only does Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon out-Rambo Rambo, but it makes The Terminator look like a wuss and shows Duke Nukem how **** got done in the 80s. After being the latest “worst-kept secret in gaming” for a few weeks, Ubisoft has officially announced their glorious combination of 80s cheese and modern-day game design.

Using the Far Cry 3 engine (and little else from its predecessor), Ubisoft has crafted a standalone downloadable title that stars Michael “Kyle Reese/Hicks” Biehn as Sergeant Rex Power Colt. Colt is a “Cyber Commando” who is part-man, part-machine, and all sorts of pissed off that one of his Cyber-Commando comrades has gone rogue. Taking its cues from the long-gone “VHS Era,” Blood Dragon puts an army of laser-spewing lizards and angry robots between Colt and his quarry.

I don’t know if your PC, PS3, or Xbox 360 can contain the pure righteousness that is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but those platforms will give it their best shot on April 30 (PSN) or May 1 (PC, XBLA).

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