Kevin Conroy might have accidentally confirmed another Arkham game

Riddle me this! When is “the next Arkham game” not the one scheduled to be released this October? Answer… When Kevin Conroy is discussing it at the Dallas Comic Con.

During a Q&A event at the convention this past Sunday, Conroy seemingly ended weeks of speculation by announcing that he would be appearing in “the next Arkham game.” Some people were worried that he wasn’t talking about Batman: Arkham Origins, but he reassured everyone by saying, “I can talk about it now […] It’s now been announced.” So that settled it, Conroy was Batman in Arkham Origins.

But yesterday, WB Games Montreal confirmed that Roger Craig Smith would take over the role of the Caped Crusader in Arkham Origins. Fans were understandably confused.

It’s gotten even weirder thanks to a tweet posted by Conroy (since deleted, but archived by Batman News) where he clarifies that he wasn’t referring to Arkham Origins at the Dallas Comic Con, but a different Arkham game that is coming soon.

So is this what Rocksteady’s been up to since completing Arkham City? And why would Conroy say that his Arkham game has been announced when it clearly hasn’t? Someone at WB Games must have given him the go-ahead, right? Where’s The Riddler when you need him?

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