Rumor: Dishonored developer Arkane takes over Prey 2


Prey 2 has bounced around from developer to developer for years now, but it looks like the long-delayed sequel may have finally found a permanent home at Arkane Studios. And there’s a chance it’s no longer known as “Prey 2.”

Kotaku is reporting (along with an assist from Prey 2 fan site Alien Noire) that Prey 2 has found a new home at the Dishonored developer’s Austin studio. Their tipster also revealed that Bethesda has instructed them to throw out the entirety of Human Head’s work and start from scratch, or, “just treat it like a new System Shock.” The original design for Prey 2 already differed wildly from Prey, trading in the original’s alien spaceship (complete with kidnapped humans) for a wild west-like alien planet where humans live freely.

Arkane is actually the third studio to get their hands on Prey 2. Previously, Bethesda offered the game to Obsidian, who worked on it for a few months. According to Kotaku’s source, the team isn’t happy that their parent company is forcing them to work on someone else’s game, but the fresh start will allow them to put their own stamp on it.

This developer switch will cause another delay for Prey 2 and, according to Kotaku, it’s unlikely that the game will be released before 2016.

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