Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaign has begun

As promised, Precursor Games has released the first details about Shadow of the Eternals and launched the crowdfunding campaign for their spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness. In a neat twist on the crowdfunding model, Precursor has decided to independently run the campaign themselves rather than going with Kickstarter or one of its many competitors.

So if you head over to the Shadow of the Eternals website, you’ll be greeted by the campaign video above and a request for $1.5 million. As we found out Friday, the developer plans to release the game episodically, and the campaign will cover the first episode, which Precursor is calling the “Pilot Episode.” If all goes well, a Summer 2014 release for the CryEngine 3-powered game on the PC and Wii U is planned.

The “Pilot Episode” will take place at Elizabeth Bathory’s home in medieval Hungary, Cachtice Castle. The year is 1610 and the “Blood Countess” has been terrorizing her subjects with abductions and ritualistic killings for 25 years. A first look at the game, with commentary from Denis Dyack, can be found at IGN.

The Precursor team is made up almost exclusively of former Silicon Knights developers. So while Shadow of the Eternals isn’t a direct sequel to the GameCube classic, it’s probably as close as we’ll ever get.

As of 3:15 PM (Eastern Time), the campaign has been active for a little over three hours with over $31,000 (or 2.1%) in pledges. So we might just get it.

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