Super Mario Bros. movie gets semi-official webcomic sequel after 20 years


Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss really love the Super Mario Bros. movie. The pair has run Super Mario Bros.: The Movie Archive since 2007 and they held a special 20th anniversary screening of the film this past weekend at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles. They even managed to convince John Leguizamo (he played Luigi) to deliver a recorded message to fans. But what they plan to do next tops even that.

Do you remember the final scene of the movie? Of course you do… Princess Daisy rushes in with a big gun requesting the Mario Brothers’ help for another big adventure! Applebaum and Hoss certainly remember and they’ve recruited the movie’s original screenwriter, Parker Bennett, to help them flesh out where the story would have went next. And it’ll all be published as a multi-part webcomic… Super Mario Bros. 2!

The first chapter, “Return to Dinohattan,” is available now. Which has to be proof that nothing’s impossible. Improbable… unlikely… but never impossible.

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