Xbox One includes Kinect and takes over your TV


Microsoft began the process with the Xbox 360, but the Xbox One (man, this is going to be a nightmare when I’ll need to refer back to the company’s first console, the Xbox 1) is really attempting to control your living room. Calling it an “All In One Experience,” the Xbox One features a controller that looks unchanged from the Xbox 360, a new Kinect sensor that is included with the system for gaming and voice recognition, and is it’s “cloud powered,” whatever that means.

I also think it’s interesting that the first thing Microsoft did was show the system, which is the expected plastic black box.

Microsoft’s Yusuf Medhi highlighted the console’s “always on” capabilities by using a voice command to turn the system on and launch directly to the Xbox Live Dashboard (which is very similar to the Xbox 360). The Xbox One will also integrate with your TV to jump back and forth between the system and live TV. Jumping between features like gaming, live TV, a media player, and a web browser is almost instantaneous.

Medhi also hinted at a new Forza game, which he promised we’ll learn more about in the hour.

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