Double Fine’s Massive Chalice is already a Kickstarter success

massivechalice-posterLike it or loathe it, big companies are now turning to crowdfunding in order to push games from inception to reality. But some are old pros, like San Francisco-based Double Fine Productions, who has succeeded in a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign for the second time.

Last year, the company launched a campaign for the Double Fine Adventure (now known as Broken Age), asking for funding so they would not have to deal with meddling middle men. They were seeking $400,000, but managed to get almost ten times that amount, finishing with $3,336,371.

But Double Fine is also looking to the future and a new project. Known as Massive Chalice, the game will take its inspiration from tactical strategy classics such as X-COM and Fire Emblem, as well as a healthy dose of Game of Thrones in terms of story and style. It will feature customisable heroes, who you will set to defend your kingdom. As years pass by, you will have to choose whether to keep your best heroes on in battle, or retire them to teach a new generation of young and eager warriors.

Despite the turn-based strategy game having a target of nearly double the previous Kickstarter campaign, Double Fine has managed to reach their goal of $725,000 with 21 days to spare. At the time of this writing it was sitting comfortably at $827,186 and steadily rising. No doubt Double Fine will be hoping to repeat their initial success and reach the millions before the campaign concludes.

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