Pokemon X and Y launching on October 12

We knew that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y would be released for the 3DS in October, but now we have an exact date: Saturday, October 12. That’s not just for Japan or the US, that’s for everybody. This is the first worldwide launch of a Pokemon game ever.

And speaking of firsts, Pokemon X/Y will be the first game in the series to introduce the Fairy-type Pokemon:

The first new type to be introduced in a Pokemon video game in over a decade, Fairy-type Pokemon like Sylveon and their Fairy-type moves will be super effective against Dragon-type Pokemon! Prior to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, only Dragon-type and Ice-type moves were super effective against Dragon-type Pokemon. Fairy-type Pokemon will include not only newly discovered Pokemon like Sylveon, but also Pokemon from past titles like Gardevoir, Marill, and Jigglypuff, which will be reclassified as Fairy-type Pokemon in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

And while you’re here, be sure to check out the new gameplay trailer above.

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