The Games of July 2013


We’re all in agreement here at Warp Zoned: it’s a slow month for game releases. But this is a great thing, because it means we can stop beating our wallets to death, and also catch up on some of our backlogs. It also means we can save up money for the months to come, which promise to be expensive. Read on to see what we’ll be doing during this slow summer month!

John Scalzo
What can you say about July? The traditional dead spot in the video game release calendar is pretty dead… it is “tradition” after all. But even with the slowdown, there’s still something of interest… Interceptor’s reboot of Rise of the Triad. Announced for a July 31 release just this morning, the era of ludicrous gibs returns this month and I couldn’t be happier!

And I guess Dark looks mildly interesting. Contrary to the glut of zombie games out there, vampires are a relatively untapped market when it comes to video games.

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
There are no games I’m looking forward to in July, which is a good thing, because I really need some time to catch up! I’m finally going to get The Last of Us, because if I don’t get it and play it soon, it will be completely ruined thanks to Facebook and Twitter. I’m also going to play Muramasa Rebirth, and tap into my backlog as much as possible. Right now it’s either finish Ni No Kuni, or play InFamous 2, Mass Effect, or Saints Row: The Third. So many options…!

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
What are you all on about?! The greatest game adaptation ever to be gifted to gamers is debuting this month. SMURFS 2!!

But seriously, this month will be spent mowing through the ten or so unopened games piled up on my floor.

Mike Ryan
Staff Writer

This, dear readers, is what is known as the Summer drought. Thankfully, June was such a good month that the vast, barren wasteland that is July is actually kind of a relief. I honestly don’t see myself playing any July games. Good thing, though, because with the Summer of Arcade hitting the first week of August, I’ll be spending some time and money on at least half of those games.

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