Unannounced Wii U titles in development at Nintendo


Perhaps in an attempt to counter what was seen as a rather conservative show at this year’s E3 Expo, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has revealed that not all of the games the company has currently in development were shown (in hindsight, this isn’t very surprising).

In an attempt to alleviate the worries of both fans and shareholders at a recent investors meeting, Iwata insisted that there were new games in development and planned for release in 2014. In his reasoning, there was too much information to spill all at one show. The Nintendo President also commented that the company “[doesn’t] want to leave a long gap between announcement/release of new game types that would lessen the impact or allow competitors to copy.”

There’s little doubt that Zelda Wii U (which is officially unannounced) is one of the games, but there was no hint as to whether the others were updates of existing IPs or new inventions from inside the House of N. Whatever the titles are, expect further announcements later this year via future Nintendo Direct videos.

[Source: CVG]

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