CoD: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal: Create-A-Soldier, Squads, dynamic maps


Activision just dropped a ton of Call of Duty: Ghosts news onto the Internet. Are you ready for the full scoops on the game’s multiplayer mode? Here it is…

Ghosts will introduce the Create-A-Soldier system, in which “players can customize their various weapon loadouts, plus, for the first time in the series, the physical appearance of their soldier, delivering over 20,000 possible combinations, including heads, body types, equipment, gender, and more.”

Players will be able to take their created soldiers and drop them into custom squads, which leads us to a new gameplay mode, also known as Squads. In Squads, players can “enlist to play solo, cooperatively up to 6-players, or competitively for one vs. one, head-on matches pitting players and their squads against others and their squads. Squads features a variety of play-types, allowing fans at any time to swap-out their custom A.I. soldiers with real friends for quick-action co-op. The competition can be fierce as squad soldiers display life-like, skilled tactics and behaviors like side-strafing, corner-camping, jump-shooting and more. Players, plus their squads, will earn XP, and if you’re offline, be prepared as your squad may get challenged for play without you.”

Finally, Call of Duty: Ghosts will make multiplayer battles even more chaotic with dynamic maps. Dynamic maps are “the evolution of multiplayer maps through dynamic map events. Player-triggered traps and events allow gamers to strategically redirect the course of battle, including the ability to call-in a map-changing killstreak, which can completely transform or modify the map delivering new levels of strategy and gameplay.”

You can get a first look at Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer mode in the first multiplayer trailer, which features Eminem’s new song, “Survival.”

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