Daily Scoop: August 9, 2013 – Otter edition

It’s finally Friday! And I can’t wait to start my weekend. It’s going to be full of games (video and board) and a book club meeting about the latest Neil Gaiman novel. Oh, and hopefully doing some laundry, and maybe sleeping. Fun times!

Amazon’s got an interesting pre-order bonus with The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. If you buy the game, you get $10 off a select 2K title. Check out the list.

Nothing else for deals – sorry! Have this gif of an otter to satiate your cuteness.

A boatload of t-shirts today:

Tee Fury has “Cube Miner” for all you Minecrafters out there:


The Yetee has two awesome shirts again today. The first is “Kingdom Fantasy:”


And the second is “Super Smash Kart:”


“8 Bit Invasion” is the latest at Other Tees:


“Pac Wars” at Unamee is pretty funny:


Five Finger Tees has the very simply “Aperture Laboratories:”


I love “Pixel Heroes” at Design by Humans:


“Defend Hyrule” at T-Shirt Bordello is pretty good, too:


And “Super Daft Bros” is my favorite of the NES-inspired shirts currently at Pop Up Tees:


That’s quite a selection!

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