Deep Silver Creative Director doesn’t expect Dead Island series to stop

deadislandboxGuido Eickmeyer, the Creative Director at Deep Silver, answered questions from fans during a Reddit AMA session earlier today and, naturally, the topic of Dead Island came up. The future of Deep Silver’s most popular franchise was touched on a few times during the Q&A and Eickmeyer wasn’t exactly coy about talking about Dead Island 3. While Eickmeyer would never admit that Dead Island 3 is currently in development, he did say (multiple times) that the series would continue…

jaedekdee: Will there be a Dead Island Part 3?

Eickmeyer: [I] would not expect the series to stop at this point :)

caseyst: Hi Guido! Love Dead Island (and Riptide)! Thanks for doing the AMA. My question is, what’s coming up for Dead Island and Riptide, any new DLC’s on the horizon, possibly a third installment? How about hitting Hawaii? :)

Eickmeyer: [H]awaii would be awesome, right? :D [F]or now, i can only ask you to wait a bit further, then some really nice things will be revealed about the future of [D]ead [I]sland :)

So there you have it. The Dead Island series will definitely continue, but Eickmeyer specifically avoided questions related to bringing the franchise to the PS4 or Xbox One. So we might be in for a long wait.

Another new game in the series, Dead Island: Epidemic, a free-to-play MOBA for the PC, was announced yesterday.

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