“Finding Luigi” paints Mario’s brother as a parkour legend

Ever since the release of Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels to us Americans), Luigi has been able to jump higher and farther than his squatter brother, Mario. Using this trait as a jumping off point, Nintendo has decided to reimagine their second-most-popular character as a parkour legend in the short film “Finding Luigi.”

“Finding Luigi” follows two inept filmmakers on a bizarre odyssey in search of the green-suited one. Apparently, “during the early days he was everywhere,” but now, he has fallen off the map. “Gone underground” as the kids say. But before that there’s plenty of footage of someone in a Luigi costume doing parkour. It’s amazing how well the character’s in-game persona translates into real-world parkour movements.

“Finding Luigi” was produced to promote New Super Luigi U, which is available in stores as of today.

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