Shadow of the Beast remake spilling blood on PS4

Sony has announced that Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs, best known for its PlayStation mobile titles Bullion Blitz and Puzziball, is reviving the old Amiga classic Shadow of the Beast. Originally developed by Reflections Interactive and released in 1989, it was published by Liverpool firm Psygnosis, which was later enveloped into the Sony brand as SCE Studio Liverpool. Although that studio was shut down last year, Sony still retains the rights to the game.

The original side-scrolling game was well known for its then-superior graphics and high quality score composed by David Whittaker, who is now Head of Audio at Traveller’s Tales. Other than the brief CGI teaser trailer, very little else is known, although Sony may be looking at this title to carry on the God of War crown. Hopefully Heavy Spectrum will find a way to make the material fresh as well as paying homage to the original.

Now all we need is for Sega to revive Altered Beast!

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