Metro: Last Light Developer Pack now available

metrolastlight-developerpackUpon its release, Deep Silver offered a Season Pass that would give players a discount Metro: Last Light‘s four DLC packs. Those who have been following the game have already seen the Factions Pack and the Tower Pack, but as of yesterday, Deep Silver has announced the official release of the third DLC pack, the Developer Pack. Unlike the previous two packs, which focused mainly on Last Light’s extended universe, the Developer Pack takes a more in-depth approach to the game itself by including various different options to play around with the game’s assets.

The Developer pack includes a shooting range, which allows players to experiment with every gun and attachment combination in the game. The Shooting Range comes with unique marksman challenges for every weapon which players can complete to prove their prowess. In addition to the Shooting Range, the Developer Pack features an AI Arena, which allows players to create squads of human soldiers and mutants and have them battle against one another. Players must customize their squads perfectly to complete the several challenges in the AI Arena. The pack also boasts the “Metro Museum,” which allows players to get up close and personal looks at each and every character and model in Metro: Last Light. Finally, the Developer Pack will feature an original solo mission called “The Spider’s Nest” that will chill the bones of arachnophobes everywhere. With nothing but their wits, a lighter, a torch, and the newly added Flamethrower, players must do their best to escape from spider-infested catacombs. The Developer Pack is available now on Steam, Xbox Live, and the Playstation Network for $3.99 / £3.19 / €3.99.

The final DLC pack for Metro: Last Light, the Chronicles Pack, will be available later in the month and will feature three original single-player missions.

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