South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed again… this time to March 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth has been delayed… again. This marks the fourth delay for the Ubisoft-published, Obsidian-developed RPG, which stretches all the way back to THQ’s stewardship of the game. Originally set for a Fall 2012 launch (and then March 5 and then “Summer 2013” and then December 10), the game will now be released for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on March 4, 2014.

To soothe the hurt feelings of gamers everywhere, Ubisoft has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for The Stick of Truth:

In their latest adventure, the boys embark on a quest to the Inn of the Giggling Donkey, an infamous tavern that harbors the scum of all the realm.

There, it is believed the famed Bard guards the hallowed stick of truth. In order to defeat the Bard’s followers, you’ll have to throw everything you have at the enemy, including dodge balls and farts. Poison your foes with your flatulence, and refill your mana with burritos.

After The Stick of Truth’s numerous delays, I have a newfound respect for Ubisoft’s desire to get it right and the South Park creator’s “6 Days to Air” mantra.

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