The Games of October 2013


The Fall is finally upon us, and with it, the influx of fantastic games truly begins! We here at Warp Zoned are all over the map in what we are anticipating, although we’re all in agreement about one thing… Batman: Arkham Origins. Read on to find out what else we plan on playing while we get ready for Halloween!

John Scalzo
Even though the very idea of Heavy Rain gives me the willies, I am beyond excited for Beyond: Two Souls. Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page are two great actors and I really want to see how Quantic Dream’s cinematic eye mixes with actual actors and a storyline that doesn’t feel like it was borrowed from an episode of Law & Order.

And even though I’ve played a criminally small amount of the Arkham games, I’ve definitely been impressed by what I’ve seen of Batman: Arkham Origins. Yes, it’s a little sad that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill aren’t involved, but it’s also the damn Batman, so I’m intrigued.

Finally, I want to play Angry Birds Star Wars on my Wii U and I don’t care who judges me for either half of that declaration.

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
In October, my one major plan is to play a ton of Pokemon! I pre-ordered Pokemon X, and I’m beside myself with excitement. I got to play it a little at PAX Prime, but that wasn’t nearly enough! I can’t wait to start catching Pokemon and trading with my friends. Wee!!

Other than that, after playing the demo, I’m pretty stoked about Beyond: Two Souls. I loved Heavy Rain, and it looks like this game is going to blow that one out of the water. I’m also interested in Batman: Arkham Origins, but that means I need to play Batman: Arkham City in the next three weeks, and I’m not sure if I can do that with all the time I’m going to be spending catching Pokemon. The serious problems of being a gamer…

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
Ah, the month of my birth, where I make a list of games to be sent to my door!

Batman: Arkham Origins is top of that gift list, although I will admit to having some trepidation given that Rocksteady is not involved, but Warner Bros. Games Montreal did a cracking job on the Wii U port of Batman: Arkham City, so maybe my fears are misplaced. I’ll also look to picking up Sonic: Lost World. I was very dubious about this game, but after the latest development video I was convinced it might be better than the last few attempts to do a 3D Sonic. Now if only someone could market the game, that would be great.

Rain looks interesting as well, and while I am a MASSIVE Assassin’s Creed fan (and wear my hood up at every opportunity) I think I’ll save Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag until I have a PlayStation 4, given how gorgeous it looks and how seamless the game play appeared to be in the demos that have been released.

Mike Ryan
Staff Writer
Looks like the last two weeks of October are going to be all treat and no trick. This month, I’m especially looking forward to Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I’ve really enjoyed the Lego games now that they’ve added voices to the characters, and after Lego Batman 2 and Lego Lord of the Rings, I can’t wait to go on yet another collecting spree. Plus, Nolan North voices Deadpool! How cool is that?! I’m a big fan of the new TMNT cartoon, so Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is also on my radar, although I don’t have very high hopes for it. It’s a shame, really – there’s so much potential for an amazing game in that franchise.

Like everyone else, I am highly anticipating Batman: Arkham Origins. I loved the first two, but if history is any guide, I may just wait for the inevitable Game of the Year edition. Maybe I’ll get the handheld Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate to keep me satiated until then. Finally, Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land is a game I’ve been really excited about. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since the beginning, and creator JG Quintel’s love of retro gaming is a perfect fit for this game.

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