Secret Ponchos will be released for PS4 in April


Secret Ponchos was the toast of this year’s PAX East. Large crowds gathered around the Old West-styled arena shooter during all three days of the expo (this includes several members of the Warp Zoned Staff). In addition to the throngs of con-goers, several Sony executives were mightily impressed with the game as well. According to Polygon, the Sony crew was so impressed with the game that they signed a deal with the developers from Switchblade Monkeys that weekend.

Part of this deal included an appearance at E3 2013 and a pledge from the developer that Secret Ponchos would be released on the PS4 first. To ensure that Secret Ponchos would be the best game it could be on Sony next-gen platform, the publisher even gave Switchblade Monkeys access to their PhyreEngine rendering engine. PhyreEngine was previously used by thatgamecompany to create Flow, Flower, and Journey.

The developers hope to release Secret Ponchos on the PS4 in April. The game will also be included as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers when its released.

Switchblade Monkeys originally coded Secret Ponchos in the Unity engine with plans to bring it to as many platforms as possible. While an Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Wii U release remains unannounced, plans are in place to eventually bring the game to the PC.

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