The Games of January 2014


January is typically a wasteland when it comes to new releases, but this year is even dustier than usual as Sony and Microsoft are still in the “ramping up” stage of their next-gen console strategies. Thankfully, there are still a handful of big titles to serve as an oasis for the next 31 days, but you might do well to heed the warning of The Humungus to just walk away. Or not.

If you’re interested in our picks for the month, you can find them after the break.

John Scalzo
I loves me some twin-stick shooters, so I will probably look into Halo: Spartan Assault when it comes to the Xbox 360 in January. I also never got the chance to check out Assassin’s Creed: Liberation on the Vita, so the PC/PSN/XBLA remake intrigues me.

After that, umm…

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
I can safely breathe a sigh of relief when I tell you there’s absolutely nothing I’m looking forward to buying and playing in January. I’ve got so many other games I’ve started and not finished yet that I’m sure I’ll be busy straight through February, when there are plenty of games to keep me busy. For now, I’ll just play some more Layton, thank you!

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
Ah, the January desert. We’re all marooned in it after Fall’s festive period of games. Some HD remakes and indie titles make it a very cold month, although, if I was more of a PC gamer I’d be very tempted to pick up The Banner Saga from Stoic Games, if only because the company is comprised of former BioWare staff.

And given how fat I’ve gotten on turkey and crisps, I am sorely tempted to pick up Wii Fit U, which is going to be much cheaper than a gym membership.

Mike Ryan
Staff Writer
I never played the reboot, so Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is right up my alley. Like John, I’m also a sucker for twin stick shooters, so Halo: Spartan Assault is on my list. Other than that, January is a barren wasteland for me. Which I see as a good thing – helps me get through that backlog.

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