Warpback: What We Played in November 2013


Here at Warp Zoned, we played a ton of games in November! Ranging from old games to new, and old systems to new, we clocked a lot of time with controllers, keyboards, and handhelds. And all those crazy holiday deals dumped even more games onto our plates! We laughed, we cried, we used voice commands on our new PlayStation 4s… we did it all. Read on to find out all about the games we played in November!

John Scalzo
November is for new games and I dove headfirst into Super Mario 3D World. Mario’s latest adventure (and first 3D entry on the Wii U) is an interesting little number. After 30 years (my god, has it been that long?) and an umpteen number of titles, Nintendo can still wring a few surprises out of the portly plumber and his green-clad sibling. There’s a course that takes place completely in shadow and another that it’s a rip-roaring ride down some raging rapids on the back of a… dinosaur (shoot, I was hoping for another “R” word). It’s no Super Mario 64, but it is pretty great.

Let’s see, what else? Before Mario came to live with me, I fired up Angry Birds Star Wars on my Wii U. While it’s interesting to play the game on a big screen and with an actual controller, it’s definitely better suited for mobile devices. Finally, I P-L-A-Y-E-D a little Typing of the Dead: Overkill. Typing out goofy phrases to kill zombies is still as ridiculous as it ever was. But damn if I’m not having fun.

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
I played a lot of games in November! Anthony Amato and I were still playing Diablo III and Borderlands 2 (especially when the “Wattle Gobbler” DLC came out!), and I was still playing Pokemon X, of course. I finally beat it, though that doesn’t mean I’m done playing it! Other than that, I’ve just been taking my time with some other games – I’m still playing InFamous 2, but it was tough to go back to it after plugging in my PlayStation 4 and starting up Killzone: Shadow Fall! I also played some Contrast (terrible) and Warframe (confusing), and I am totally in love with Housemarque’s latest, Resogun. Other than that, I finally started playing Hotline Miami on my Vita, and I picked up Papers, Please in one of the million sales going on and started that on the PC. It’s a blast! It’s been a really great month for gaming – between new games and systems coming out and old games going on sale, I’m set for the next few months.

Mike Ryan
Staff Writer
Looking back, I suddenly realized I played a helluva lot of games this past month. Let’s see – I finally finished Rayman Origins, which was nothing short of perfect. I had such an amazingly fun time playing this title. It was definitely a challenge, but not to the point where you want to stop playing. The music is great, the level design is awesome, and those treasure chest levels? Brilliant. I can’t wait to play Rayman: Legends. I also played Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land for the 3DS – my review will be up soon. It’s not half bad – definitely worth a playthrough if you’re a huge fan of the show.

I stepped into next-gen with my PS4, and spent a lot of time with Resogun and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Resogun is a fantastic arcade title, and as a fan of SHMUPs, it’s right up my alley. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is also a great game, although I really wish I had just picked up the current-gen version. Aside from being a little bit shinier, the PS4 version really doesn’t offer anything over the other versions (with the exception of a higher price tag). Other than that, I’ve been enjoying watching people stream their games on their systems.

And oh yeah, more Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I try to stop playing, but my mayoral duties keep me from abandoning my town.

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
I am the complete opposite to Mike and Nicole, as I’ve only played one game – Grand Theft Auto V. It’s just so big, and while my pile of to-be-played games keeps growing (I just bought Splinter Cell: Blacklist for the Wii U during a Black Friday sale), I have yet to get bored of it.

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