Daily Scoop: January 23, 2014 – Snow boots required

Now that I’m of the age that I should be referring to myself as a “grownup,” I have noticed that there are things I can’t tolerate anymore. One of those things is cold, wet feet. I think it’s time that I take the plunge and actually get a pair of snow boots. But the problem is that actual snow boots are seriously expensive. So I can either get a cheap pair that will likely wear out and/or not protect my feet, or get a for real pair of awesome boots. Right now I’m leaning towards the latter, but… it’s so many money! And all I want to do is stay inside and play games anyway. Maybe I’ll just stop going outside!

Anyway, for days when I don’t need to go outside, I like to have a nice pile of games to play, and the Humble Store knows how to keep me well stocked! Right now, they have Bag It for $0.99, Eldritch for $4.99, and Fotonica for $4.99. Scoop ’em up!

Lots of t-shirts today…

First up is this awesome design by my friend, Travis Carter! His design, “Delivery Service,” is on sale at The Yetee right now:


I’m really digging on Qwertee‘s “The Cult of Rapture:”


Shirt Punch has two game shirts today – “Power Behind the Mask” and “Fight the Power:”



And finally, there’s “Super Minion Brothers” at Unamee, which is adorable:


Like I need more shirts…

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