Daily Scoop: January 29, 2014 – So many t-shirts today!

Hey everyone! There are a ton of t-shirts today, so I hope you’re in need of a few more! You might not be able to resist some of these.

There are a few digital deals happening today. If you head over to the Humble Store, you can get Gnomoria for $1.99 and Retro/Grade for $2.49, as well as Steam Marines for $4.99. Over at Steam, you can get Game Dev Tycoon for $4.99.

But I know why you’re really here… for the shirts!

“Kart” over at Ript is pretty rad:


As is “Timeless Ocarina” at Qwertee:


Shirt Punch has “Pixel Moon Brooches:”


And The Yetee has the “Onett Red Caps:”


“Mario Silhouette” at Tee Busters is another good one:


And finally, Harry Potter fans will love “You Got the Deathly Hallows!” at Wear Viral:


So you’ve got a lot to choose from. Choose wisely!

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