KillAllZombies makes zombie hunting a spectator sport on PS4

Ukrainian studio Beatshapers is bringing zombie mayhem to the PS4 with its twin-stick slaughter title KillAllZombies (officially stylized as #killallzombies, but come on). Akin to Smash TV, the game sees players thrust into a televised arena swarming with zombies. Viewers at home determine when the hordes are released, and how many are in each batch [Ed. Note: a group of zombies is better described as a “murder”].

The arena itself is made up of hundreds of hexagonal tiles, upon which items and objects can appear to help the player survive. The tiles can also disintegrate, revealing deadly traps or blocking players/zombies in their path. The hapless contestant will have a large selection of weaponry and ammo, from standard guns such as revolvers and sawed-off shotguns to futuristic X-Bows and Plasma Guns. As well as typical bullets and arrows, players will be able to win armour-piercing rounds to help stave off the zombies quicker, and freezing bullets to stop them in their tracks.

The game is being designed for the world of social media, with spectators being able to interact with the game as well as watching streams via PS4 and Twitch channels. In a move not unfamiliar to fans of The Hunger Games, viewers can vote every 80 seconds between two types of encounter options – will they unleash more zombies, or offer a timed bonus or permanent perk to aid the player? Players will also be rewarded for trusting the audience, and if they wait for decisions about which perk they are to be gifted, they will also gain additional health and XP.

For the voyeurs in the audience, they will be able to alter the camera angle to disadvantage the player. The truly evil spectators will also be able to interfere with the control scheme, all of which can be done over chat commands in realtime. Beatshapers has also promised that there will be plenty of hidden commands to discover.

The frantic KillAllZombies is expected to be available next month and more information is available at the PlayStation Blog.

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