Daily Scoop: April 13, 2015 – Lots of great deals today!

It’s beautiful outside, which of course means I wish I was at home right now with all the windows open playing video games. And there are tons of great ones to choose from today!

First up, Amazon has a great deal today – Final Fantasy Type-0 is on sale for $39.99 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There’s a playable demo on the disc for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, so it might be worth it just for that!

There’s one more day to get the Humble Indie Bundle 14, now with even more games! Pay what you want for Pixel Piracy, UnEpic, and Super Splatters. Pay more than the average to get Outlast, Torchlight II, La-Mulana, 140, MirrorMoon EP, and Contraption Maker. Pay $10 or more to unlock Shadow Warrior Special Edition, and pay $40 or more to unlock the Humble Indie Bundle 14 Travelin’ Pack, which is full of physical rewards.

There are 127 brand new Weeklong Deals at Steam. Pick up Postal 2 for $0.99, BloodRayne for $1.99, and Outland for $2.49. The Daily Deal is Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons is just $3.74, though I wouldn’t recommend spending any amount of money for what I felt was a good game attached to a lot of crying.

There are tons of great shirts today!

“Soldier Champloo” is at The Yetee:


“Flow of Time” is the first of four at Shirt Punch:


“Smash Combat” is the second:


“Blue (Bomber)” is the third:


And finally, “Bounty Hunter” is the fourth and final one they have today:


“Sub Zero Wins” is the amazing shirt at Tee Gravy:


“Serenade of Water” is one of two at Qwertee:


“Hylian Triforce” is the second:


And finally, “Pokemaster” is over at Tee Volt:


So many great options to choose from! I want so many!

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