Daily Scoop: April 30, 2015 – Tons of Saints Row

I’m exhausted today, partially because I spent a good portion of my night doing motion capture for my friend’s video game. My death animation is a little weak, but hopefully with practice I’ll get better!

There’s a brand new Weekly Bundle at Humble, and this one’s all about Indie Game Magazine. Pay what you want for FarSky, Race the Sun, and early access to Arena: Cyler Evolution – Founder’s Pack. Beat the average to unlock Fenix Rage and Wrack. And finally, pay $13 or more to unlock early access to Brawlhalla – Founder’s Pack and Freedom Planet.

The Weekend Deal over at Steam is the Saints Row sale. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is $13.39, and Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition is $7.49. You can also get the Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack, which includes 49 items. That’s a lot of Saints Row! The Daily Deal at Steam is Volharr the Viking, which is just $1.99.

Let’s check out today’s batch of t-shirts!

“God’s Gym” is over at Ript:


“Turf War” is at The Yetee:


As is “Inkling Splatter:”


“Whiteout Heart” is at Tee Fizz:


Shirt Punch has several shirts today. “Please Take Care of it” is up first:


Next is “Los Cuccos Hermanos:”


Finally, there’s “Majora’s Return:”


Last but not least, there’s “I Am Your Father!” at Ubertee:



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