See how much faster Mario Kart 8 is about to get in these 200cc vs 150cc videos

Mario Kart 8 is about to get a lot faster with the pending release of the 200cc Class update. But just how much faster is it than 150cc Class? Quite a bit, actually. And we can see for ourselves in a pair of side-by-side comparison videos recently released by Nintendo UK.

The video above showcases a single lap in Piranha Plant Pipeway. In 150cc, Mario zooms around the entire track in about 50 seconds. That’s a pretty respectable time, but in 200cc, it’s possible to do it in about 35 seconds. The difference is just as pronounced in the Dolphin Shoals video, which has been embedded after the break.

Are you ready for 200cc? Is your braking technique solid? We’ll all find out together when it’s released as a free update for Mario Kart 8 on April 23.

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