Opposites kill in N++’s Toggle Mine and Laser Turret trailers

Metanet Software has released the final two “Enemy Spotlight” trailers for N++ and it’s true what they say, opposites kill. Wait, wait, opposites attract. But the Toggle Mine and the Laser Turret are opposites and they most definitely kill.

Toggle Mines are normally docile, but as soon as you step on one it springs to life like a crazed whack-a-mole. So if you want stay alive you better stay one step ahead of the spiky bomb that pops out of the hole. You can see what I mean in the trailer embedded above.

After the break you can find a trailer depicting the Laser Turret in all its deadly glory. Unlike the Toggle Mine, the Laser Turret is always on as the only thing that can break a laser beam is a solid object. In N++, that solid object will sometimes be a wall or a solid platform, but most of the time it will be your face.

N++ will be released exclusively for the PS4 sometime this year.

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