Warpback: What We Played in April 2015


The Warp Zoned crew played a ton of games this past month! We dove into games from our backlogs, but also had plenty of fun with lots of new releases. One thing is certain: we weren’t bored! Read on to find out what we played in April.

John Scalzo
April started out calmly enough with the massive Geometry Wars 3 expansion, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved. By almost doubling the size of the original release, Lucid Games has created a twin-stick that should keep most people busy for months. And speaking of twin-stick shooters, We Are Doomed is a pretty good one. Developed by Vertex Pop, We Are Doomed merges the abstract feel and quick action of Geometry Wars with a very relaxing soundtrack. It’s an interesting mix, to say the least.

April was also a good month to replay some great games on new platforms. Supergiant’s Bastion made its PS4 debut and it’s just as good today as it was on the Xbox 360 a few years ago. And the graphical upgrade is absolutely gorgeous. Shovel Knight also its PS4 debut in April, as well as appearing on the PS3, Vita, and Xbox One. I can’t wait to unlock the Battletoads battle, but it’s taking longer than I thought. I may have forgotten just how much of a challenge Shovel Knight is.

I turned the rest of the month over to Mortal Kombat X, on both the Xbox One and my iDevice. Mortal Kombat X on consoles is an improvement of everything that NetherRealm put into 2011’s Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us. It is an excellent fighting game that even has a ton of content for players who prefer to play alone. The mobile game is also a blast, especially if you’re a fan of NetherRealm’s previous mobile output. Ninja Mime Johnny Cage forever!

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
I’m still working my way through Persona 3 Portable, though as I get closer and closer to the end, I find myself getting sad that it will be over soon!! Anthony Amato and I have been destroying Diablo III on PS4, trying to get to the expansion. I also played a lot of other games on the PS4 this month: Bastion, Bloodborne, and We Are Doomed, all of which are amazing.

Other than that, I started playing Jungle Rumble on the Vita, and revisited an old favorite: Plants vs. Zombies. I played the whole game on my iPad, but now that I’ve got a massive memory card in the Vita, I downloaded everything I’ve ever had in my download list, so I was poking around and dove back into that ridiculously addictive game. And, in the wake of Silent Hills/PT getting cancelled, I re-started the original Silent Hill in the hopes that this will be the time I beat it.

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
With the launch of the second Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack (a note to WB Games, this is how you do fairly priced extras in video games) I found myself whizzing around old tracks and new at the super-serious speed of 200cc! By god, it’s fast, and completely changes your racing style in order to finish the race with some dignity.

I have also been slowly edging myself back into a couple of games I started and forgot to finish, like Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. I still mourn the direction of the series after it moved away from the life of Desmond Miles and his friends. Before, it was something to really engage with; whereas the faceless, nameless first-person mode of the modern day in the more recent games feels out of sorts.

Mike Ryan
Staff Writer
This month I spent time playing survival horror game White Night, which was kind of a sleeper surprise for me. I didn’t know much about it going in, and I’m glad I picked it up. It’s definitely a title that brings me back to the horror games of yesteryear. I also put a little bit of time into Grand Theft Auto V, which surprises me as I haven’t played a GTA title since Grand Theft Auto III. I only played for a brief period but man, was it a blast. Other than those two, I played a little bit more of Pokemon Shuffle, which scratched my puzzle game itch.

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