Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture will launch on August 11

The weird and wonderfully titled Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the kooky collaboration between developer The Chinese Room and publisher SCE Santa Monica Studio, is set to make its PS4 debut August 11.

Set in an eerie village in the English county of Shropshire, the screenshots released thus far depict thatched roof houses and quaint British pubs, a million miles away from the popular image of a world hit by an apocalypse. Players will explore the village and the surrounding landscape to try and piece together what took place when the world ended 31 years before.

There will be six location hubs in total, each one telling the story of a separate character. Floating orbs will allow the player to tune into frequencies and conversations from the past, gathering clues as they listen to the long-raptured residents talking and gossiping. The Chinese Room has made the experience an unsettling, non-linear one, so players will be free to visit the stories in any order they see fit.

If this gets your interest up, Dan Pinchbeck, the Creative Director for The Chinese Room, recently dove deeper into the game’s world for the PlayStation Blog. The developer also launched the game’s official website, which is packed with even more information and spooky screenshots.

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