Fire Emblem If will be Fire Emblem Fates in US; Two separate versions confirmed

The next Fire Emblem game, which is known in Japan as Fire Emblem If, will go by a different name when its released in North America in 2016: Fire Emblem Fates

Two kingdoms at war – the peace-loving Hoshido and the glory-seeking Nohr – It’s up to the player to decide which side to take. As the prince/princess of Hoshido, who was raised by Nohr royal family, you will be torn between two families you love. Whichever path you take, you will face different types of challenges.

Your choice of which path to follow will actually be made at the store as Fire Emblem Fates will be released in two separate versions. Birthright will follow the story down the Hoshido path, while Conquest will track the Nohr campaign:

  • Each path will offer a completely different storyline with a different set of characters to recruit as allies.
  • The Hoshido path is a more traditional path as you work together with your allies to fend off Nohrian invaders.
  • The Nohr path will force you to revolutionize an unruly kingdom from the inside – this path offers a slightly more complex story and will be more challenging.

In Japan, Nintendo also plans to release a third option as downloadable content where players can forge a neutral path by siding with neither family. A North American release for the neutral option hasn’t been announced, but it seems likely that it too will cross the Pacific in 2016.

If you’re itching to see Fire Emblem Fates in action, then you’re in luck. An E3 trailer has been embedded above and a video recap of Nintendo Treehouse Live’s extended playthrough is available after the break.

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