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A short time ago we featured Dimension Drive in our Kickstart This! column. The developer, 2Awesome Studio, thought it had the money in the bag, until one of the donations was deemed fraudulent. However, Kickstarter allowed 2Awesome to relaunch the project straight away, and with two weeks to go the game is already fully funded, so we’re thrilled that everything worked out for the best.

Turning our attentions to some brand new crowdfunding projects, we begin with top-down cyberpunk shooter Defragmented, moving on to starship management strategy game Pixel Starships, before finishing with 2D MMORPG Severed World.

Project: Defragmented
Genre: Top-Down Cyberpunk Shooter
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Funding Target: $15,000

What Is It?
Defragmented is a top-down cyberpunk shooter with RPG elements sewn in to its neon threads. The action takes place in the technological metropolis of Entropolis, the last bastion of civilisation on a broken Earth. Players will uncover various conspiracies revolving around the running of the city, from the council to the police departments. Players choose one of three classes: they can be one of the brilliantly named Cyberzerkers, the thieving Railrunners, or become one of the Ascended, which are the hacktivist members of the group Via Ascensio.

Why Fund It?
Long-time readers will know of my love for Bullfrog’s original Syndicate, and Defragmented is more of a spiritual successor to that game than Starbreeze Studios’ 2012 sequel ever was. It is also reminiscent of Hotline Miami in its execution, and is utilising artists heard on the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number soundtrack. The developers are focusing heavily on creating a great cyberpunk aesthetic and atmosphere, hiring Chiptune and Electronic musicians like El Tigr3, TREY FREY, Shirobon, and Electric Children.

Best Rewards?

  • DRM-free copy of the game and access to development polls – $15
  • DRM-free copy of the game and early access to soundtrack – $20
  • DRM-free copy of the game, digital art book, early access to soundtrack, and credit listing – $30
  • Previous rewards plus a set of Cyphers, which unlock rare loot – $60
  • Previous rewards, plus signed poster and t-shirt – $100
  • Previous rewards, plus your likeness applied to an NPC – $300
  • Previous rewards, plus help design an entire level – $500

Project: Pixel Starships
Genre: Starship Management Strategy
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), iOS
Funding Target: $20,000 AUD (approx. $15,390)

What Is It?
Pixel Starships takes the fun strategy management of Tiny Death Star and applies it to a world akin to Star Trek, but expanded into a massive online world. Players can build spacecrafts of their own design, employing humans and aliens alike to maintain their vessel as it plows through the vacuum of space. Here in the dark vastness of the ‘verse, players will battle against one another, vying for resources and important trade routes.

Why Fund It?
For one, developer Savy Soda has promised that the game will be fair and balanced, not relying on in-app purchases to become a more powerful opponent, although the game’s currency, StarBux, will allow faster development of the ships. The 8-bit graphics match the platforms and the feel of the game, while the ability to build a ship of any size, from the Enterprise to Battlestar Galactica, is sure to be a big draw.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game and Thank You credit – $6 AUD
  • Digital copy of the game, digital art book, 3000 StarBux to start off with, and limited edition in-game items – $32 AUD
  • Digital copy of the game, digital art book, digital soundtrack, and Space Doge character – $45 AUD
  • Previous rewards, plus help create your own character and receive a limited edition mug with character on it – $288 AUD
  • Previous rewards, plus help design a ship or facility, and invite to Launch Party (travel not included) – $1,186 AUD
  • Previous rewards, plus help design a single-player mission – $2,885 AUD

Project: Severed World
Genre: 2D Top-Down MMORPG
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), iOS, Android
Funding Target: £10,000 CAD

What Is It?
Severed World is an MMORPG featuring a colourful pixel art design, taking inspiration from the likes of The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Players will explore the diverse regions of Avalon, inspired by various cultures on Earth, from Medieval Europe to Feudal Japan.

Why Fund It?
Players can choose to go solo or team up with others, or play against each other in a MOBA mode. With four classes to choose from – Assassin, Summoner, Enchanter, or the Kickstarter backer-exclusive Berserker – as well as a huge sum of collectibles, weapons, and magic, Severed World looks to serve up a healthy dose of RPG.

Best Rewards?

  • Digital copy of the game – £10
  • Two copies of the game, plus Beta access and a digital copy of the soundtrack – £20
  • Previous rewards, plus exclusive in-game perks such as Beserker class, Wyvern pet, and Demon’s Bane armour – £30
  • Previous rewards, plus an NPC version of yourself in the game – £60
  • Previous rewards, plus help design a monster (limited to 9) – £150
  • Previous rewards, plus help design a sidequest (limited to 5) – £300
  • Previous rewards, plus become a God! Design a shrine dedicated to you to be discovered after a dungeon boss battle, and the reward that it bestows (limited to 3) – £800

Until Next Time…
With days to spare, Dimension Drive inched over its goal, all because of people like you investing in worthy gaming projects. Hopefully by the time Kickstart This! is published, these three new games will also be well on their way to being successful.

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