Nintendo World Championships crowns a winner with four insane Super Mario Maker courses… see them here

Like the finale of The Wizard, the winner of the 2015 Nintendo World Championships was decided by the competitors going head-to-head in an unreleased Super Mario game. While Super Mario Bros. 3 shocked us all in 1989, the courses designed by staff members from the Nintendo Treehouse for John “John Numbers” Goldberg and Cosmo Wright in Super Mario Maker (it’s not just “Mario Maker” anymore) are just INSANE (note the bold and italics I used there).

Things start off slowly with a course based on World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. But things quickly take a turn for the “What?” when Cosmo runs into a wall of Fire Sweepers. And it only gets crazier when the combination Blooper/Hammer Brother/Bob-Omb shows up.

You can watch their 40-minute battle in the video embedded above, which culminates in a race through a custom New Super Mario Bros. U course. John Numbers went into the final round with a 15-second advantage and put it to good use by utterly dominating the final round.

Congratulations to John Numbers and now we begin the agonizing three-month wait for Super Mario Maker’s September launch.

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