Rev up that chainsaw and be sure to watch Doom’s 20-minute debut

Bethesda pulled off their first-ever E3 Press Conference without a hitch last night, and while Fallout 4 was clearly the highlight of the evening for most folks, I was on the edge of my seat during the debut of Doom.

The Doomguy (or Doomgirl, we never see the character’s face) can jump, climb, perform “finishing moves,” and plug a dozen shotgun shells into a demon’s face. OK, the character could always do that last one, but the other three are brand new and they look great. Of course, it wouldn’t be Doom without Shotguns, Super Shotguns, Imps, Pinky, Revenants, Zombie Soldiers, exploding barrels, ridiculous gibs, and so much more. And they’re all present and accounted for. The gameplay video embedded above is full of moments that will make fans ooh and aah, but it never feels like fan service.

Executive Producer Marty Stratton also gives fans a look at Doom SnapMap, an editing tool that will allow players to create their own maps and customized game modes. It looks very easy to use while offering a ton of complexity.

Doom will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One this Spring.

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