Sony @ E3 2015: A Final Fantasy VII remake is in the works (and World of Final Fantasy too)

Two trailers were shown during Sony’s Press Conference that should be of interest to Final Fantasy fans, the first of which is for World of Final Fantasy. The game features a chibi aesthetic, and famous characters from the franchise will make cameos. More information will be revealed at a later date, but what we do know is that World of Final Fantasy will hit PlayStation 4 and PS Vita sometime in 2016.

The second announcement is one that fans have been dying for… a real remake of the PSone classic, Final Fantasy VII! After all these years, the oft-requested remake of arguably the best Final Fantasy title had the crowd in an absolute uproar and Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Director Tetsuya Nomura, and Scenario Writer Kazushige Nojima will all return to oversee the project at Square Enix. Aside from tremendously-improved graphics, we don’t know that much about the remake. Though the trailer did say it was coming “first” to the PS4, implying a PC or Xbox One release is possible. It’s also unknown what this means for the re-release of the original version of Final Fantasy VII that was announced last year. But I’m sure more than a few people would say, who cares?

More information on both titles as it becomes available. And you can find the World of Final Fantasy trailer after the break.

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