Xbox Store Today: So Many Me, No Time To Explain, SlashDash

Three brand new side-scrollers for the Xbox One make the Xbox Games Store a very retro-tastic place to be today.

So Many Me, which is available for free to Xbox Live Gold members, is a puzzle platformer that puts players into the fluffy shoes of Filo and his “band of misfit clones.” Using this mass of green puffballs, players will hop from platform to platform in a fight against an “ancient, malevolent evil.”

No Time To Explain is also a puzzle platformer, but it asks players to “blast through time” to rescue their imperiled future self.

Finally this week, SlashDash stars a quartet of “adorable” ninjas in a two-on-two local multiplayer game where players will slash, dash, shoot, and teleport their way to victory.

More information on all three of these games can be found after the break.

Xbox One Games

So Many Me ($14.99)
A charming puzzle platformer starring Filo and his band of misfit clones as they attempt to save a world threatened by an ancient, malevolent evil. Using their combined powers, Filo and his fellow Me must puzzle their way through a land of exotic creatures, devious traps, and evil minions.

No Time To Explain ($14.99)
No Time To Explain is a game about shooting the ground, putting on weight, and setting your body on fire. Blast yourself through time and alternate realities to rescue your future-self from a giant crab sent by your evil time-twin from another dimension!

SlashDash ($9.99)
SlashDash is an adorable ninja party playground for up to four players. Shoot, teleport, slash, and of course, dash your way to glory across beautiful play fields in four inventive game modes. Fast paced and surprisingly deep, SlashDash is rewarding for trainees and Jounin alike.

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