Leakers have uploaded a video of Fallout 4’s Gamescom demo to Pornhub


The exclusive Fallout 4 demo shown off at Gamescom this year hasn’t yet found its way online through Bethesda’s official channels. This has left fans who weren’t able to attend the show justifiably angry. And they’re so angry that they’re willing to go to the most unlikeliest of places to view some of the footage.

It’s not YouTube or Vimeo or Vine… It’s actually Pornhub, so let’s try to keep this somewhat professional.

The seven-minute video, and yes it really is footage from Fallout 4’s Gamescom demo, is titled “Hidden Camera Shows Audience Teased by Big Butt Man in Tights Live.” It’s not great footage, even as far as leaks go. Befitting its title, the person in the audience is clearly holding up their camera to the screen, trying desperately not to be seen. The video that’s been uploaded is grainy, shaky, and most of the time the camera is positioned between two people seated in front of the cameraman, which obscures most of the screen.

What we can see of the video though is a full, unedited playthrough of what appears to be this game’s version of the Super Duper Mart. We also see the dog in action, as well as the new shooting mechanics.

We also see ghouls for the first time, which have been completely redesigned. They now move and act like zombies. You can shoot off their arms and they’ll lunge forward to bite, or you can shoot off their legs and they’ll still crawl after you. Unfortunately, once they do reach you, it seems they still just stand there and swipe at you until you kill them. I would have liked to have seen close quarters combat become more dynamic, maybe have them latch on to you, like the “Blood Bugs” shown off in the E3 trailer.

Also, for better or worse, the lockpicking and terminal hacking minigames haven’t changed in the slightest. They’re still exactly the same as they were in Fallout 3.

That’s about all I can ascertain from this short leak. Apparently, the demo was longer, and (believe it or not) there weren’t two guys blocking most of the video. But those of us who didn’t get to see the demo firsthand might never find out, as Bethesda still hasn’t officially released Fallout 4’s Quakecon demo either.

Here’s the link to the video…

…but be warned, the site ISN’T SUITABLE IN THE LEAST FOR WORK OR PUBLIC VIEWING. Unless that’s what you’re in to, which is fine. I would have made a porn joke at some point, but I’m afraid it would have sucked.

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