Nintendo announces Yo-Kai Watch will be released on November 6

yo-kaiwatch-posterNintendo has announced that Level-5’s Yo-Kai Watch will be released for the 3DS on November 6. The game, which is a certified phenomenon in Japan, follows a group of children who find and befriend invisible spirits known as Yo-Kai thanks to a special watch:

But what is a Yo-Kai anyway? Is it a spirit? A monster? A ghost? Nope – a Yo-kai is … well, it’s just a Yo-Kai! You might not see them because they’re invisible, but they’re all around you every day. And they’re often mischievous, mysterious pranksters who like to make trouble for you. Lose your homework, can’t keep a secret or find yourself running late to everything? Yo-Kai probably made you do it. The Yo-Kai are based on common concerns kids have. By confronting those concerns, kids can learn to overcome them.

Even more Yo-Kai Watch madness will travel across the Pacific by the end of the year including the manga series (Volume 1 will be available from Viz Media on November 3) and the anime series (which will air on Disney XD this Fall). Hasbro also plans to produce a series of Yo-Kai Watch toys, which will be released throughout 2016.

And after that, we can probably look forward to even more Yo-Kai Watch games.

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