Super Mario Maker’s coolest player-created courses include a wild roller coaster, a shooter, a puzzle platformer, and more

Super Mario Maker‘s release is about three weeks away, but many press outlets have already gotten their hands on it and created a variety of amazing levels. Polygon collected their five favorites, and if this is just the start of the community’s creativity, I think we’ll all be playing Super Mario Maker for a very long time.

Out of these five, I think my personal favorite is “Super Shmup Bros.,” which transforms Mario’s traditional platforming antics into an auto-scrolling shooter. Apparently, all you need is a Koopa Clown Car for flight, a Fire Flower for ammunition, and a neverending stream of Flying Spinies. It actually reminded me quite a bit of the shooting sections of Super Mario Land, and I love that someone brought the idea back to the Mario series.

Other courses that made the list include “Enjoy Mr. Blue Bones’ Wild Ride,” a wild roller coaster that requires players to stand absolutely still; “The Riddler: Prologue,” a fiendish puzzle platformer take on Mario; “Vertical Bowling,” a level that asks players to kick an enemy into ten other enemies to score points; and “Winners Don’t Do Shrooms,” a course that requires players to stay small.

Super Mario Maker will be available exclusively for the Wii U on September 11.

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