Daily Scoop: September 30, 2015 – Here comes the hurricane

It’s another dreary day in Philadelphia, and I hear we’ll soon have a visitor: Hurricane Joaquin! I’m really enjoying all the Joaquin Phoenix mashup images with hurricanes. Keep ’em coming, Internet!

Check out the sales this week at the Humble Store! The Silent Age is on sale for just $2.49, and you can also get Jotun for $13.49 and Nevermind for $17.99. Else Heart.Break() is on sale for $17.49, and you can grab The Escapists: The Walking Dead for $16.19, too.

At Steam, the Daily Deal is BioShock 2, which is on sale for just $9.99. You can also get the triple back, which includes this game, BioShock, and BioShock Infinite, for just $34.98.

There are some great shirts today!

The Yetee has two great shirts today. “Pocket Moon!” is the first one:


And “Farming is fun!” is the second:


At Shirt Punch, there are four shirts. “Air Ancient” is the first one:


“Down with Shinra” is the second:


“Midgar University” comes up third:


And finally, “Thief” is the fourth:


I love all of these Final Fantasy VII shirts! I can’t get enough.

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