Nintendo Download: Vs. Excitebike, Gunman Clive HD Collection, Mario Golf, more


A small handful of new games are now available through the Nintendo eShop as part of this week’s Nintendo Download and fans of retro games will definitely want to pay attention as most of this week’s new releases have a throwback aesthetic. Though, to be fair, some of them are just old:

  • Available on the Wii U for the first time, the Gunman Clive HD Collection combines the two 3DS side-scrolling shooters into a single package of bandit, robot, and dinosaur hunting.
  • Vs. Excitebike added splitscreen multiplayer to the Excitebike franchise when it originally launched on the Famicom Disk System in Japan. Never before released in the US, Vs. Excitebike is now available for the Wii U.
  • Mario Golf was originally released for the Nintendo 64 and was the first Mario Golf game developed by Camelot. Fans have always loved the first game in the series and its now available to download on the Wii U.
  • Finally this week, Jeff Foxworthy brings his throwback comedy to the 3DS with a portable adaptation of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Look at that… everything fits the theme this week.

More information on all of these games can be found after the break.

Wii U eShop

Gunman Clive HD Collection – The Nintendo 3DS indie hits Gunman Clive and Gunman Clive 2 are now on the Wii U console in one complete package. Experience both games in high definition as you take on the role of Gunman Clive and fight bandits, robots, and dinosaurs in this Western-themed action platformer.

Vs. Excitebike – Fans love Excitebike for its frenetic races, high stakes and sweet jumps. And now, for the first time since its release in Japan, the Famicom Disk System version of the Vs. Excitebike game is available in North America – complete with two-player splitscreen! Create tracks using 20 classic Excitebike track parts, and go for the best time or take on friends.

Mario Golf – In this Nintendo 64 classic, Mario takes a well-deserved break from his role as the Mushroom Kingdom’s busiest hero and returns to the links for some world-class golfing action. With easy-to-learn game play that is fun for all ages, head out to the fairways on your own or bring up to three other players along.

3DS eShop

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? – How well do you remember the 5th grade? Was it as easy as you think it was? And most importantly, do you recall anything you learned? Comedian Jeff Foxworthy gathers a group of intelligent, full-grown men and women to test their knowledge against children. Watch in awe as these people try to prove that they are, in fact, smarter than a 5th grader.

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