Laura steals Blanka’s thunder as the latest addition to Street Fighter V

Back in July, Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono unveiled a Brazilian stage for Street Fighter V and confirmed that a character announcement to go along with this locale would be announced at the 2015 Brasil Game Show. At the time, we all assumed Ono was referring to Blanka… especially since he made the announcement while surrounded by Blanka dolls. But it looks like Ono pulled a fast one as the game’s Brazilian combatant is actually a new character known as Laura. But don’t worry, she’s still got lightning powers.

Laura is also a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, who uses her speed and strength as an expert grappler. The Capcom-Unity blog went into a bit more detail about her skillset:

About Laura
Joining the series from her homeland in Brazil, Laura Matsuda is a Jiu-Jitsu specialist, a first for the Street Fighter series. Continuing the tradition of the famed Matsuda fighting style, Laura is constantly looking for strong opponents around the world to defeat, in an effort to spread the Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu’s name and prestige. Laura’s methodical grapple technique comes equipped with a stunning “Thunder Clap” projectile that zaps opponents and leaves them questioning if they should get in close, or keep their distance. Using a variety of quick moving attacks and effective command grabs, Laura will become a favorite for players who enjoy “up close and personal” mind games.

V-Skill: Linear Movement
By holding either back or forward and pressing Medium Punch + Medium Kick, Laura moves in the corresponding direction, getting her in and out of the opponent’s range at will. If no direction is held during the V-Skill activation, she will perform an overhead kick.

V-Trigger: Spark Show
Laura gets ready to zap the competition when she activates Spark Show. During her electrifying state, Laura’s Thunder Clap projectile flies further, she deals more stun on her attacks and grabs, and moves around further during her Linear Movements.

Laura will be playable as part of a new Street Fighter V that’ll be available all weekend long at the Brasil Game Show in Sao Paulo and New York Comic-Con in New York City. Street Fighter V will be released for the PC and PS4 in Spring 2016.

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