Sony’s “Official Holiday 2015” commercial for Star Wars: Battlefront is Force Pushing the nostalgia hard

Sony is a multibillion-dollar company, a member of the prestigious Forbes 500, and yet, their advertising for the PlayStation brand has been absolutely abysmal over the last 20 years. Even ignoring the (multiple) accusations of racism levied against the consolemaker’s commercials, they’ve also attempted to use demon babies, drug-induced hallucinations, and other baffling weirdness to sell the brand to gamers.

Which is why it’s so surprising that Sony’s “Official Holiday 2015” commercial gets it so right. Eschewing the company’s first party lineup, the commercial instead turns its focus on Star Wars: Battlefront and the joy we all felt growing up in the shadow of a galaxy far, far away. From late night Lightsaber fights to ridiculously elaborate cosplay to an X-Wing outside your window, this 60-second spot zeroes in on your nostalgic love for Star Wars like a T-16 bulls-eyeing a womp rat.

Star Wars: Battlefront will be released for the PS4 on November 17. A Limited Edition bundle featuring the game and a Darth Vader-themed PS4 will also be available. PC and Xbox One owners won’t need to feel left out, as Star Wars: Battlefront will also be available for those platforms as well.

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