Next Super Mario Maker update adds more course parts and web-based course search

Nintendo will release another free Super Mario Maker update this Tuesday, December 22, and it’ll come packed with three new course parts:

  • Fire Koopa Clown Car: This volcanic vessel is capable of shooting fireballs as well as a powerful charged shot that can even destroy Blocks. It’s perfect for creating shoot-em-up-style courses.
  • P Warp Doors: Unlike regular Warp Doors, these are only visible while a P Switch is active – perfect for creating truly devious Ghost House courses.
  • Bumper: This bouncy donut-shaped object sends Mario bounding away when touched.

P Warp Doors are an essential part of the franchise, so I’m thrilled that Nintendo is finally adding them to Super Mario Maker. And I love that the publisher took some inspiration from one of my favorite player-created courses, “Super Shmup Bros.,” in creating the Fire Koopa Clown Car. In addition to three new toys to play with, Nintendo is also adding a “World Records” leaderboard to each uploaded course so players can fight for the best times.

But next week’s update is even more important because of the launch of Super Mario Maker Bookmark, an online web portal that players to use to search the game’s many courses:

Players can access the Super Mario Maker Bookmark portal site from their computer, tablet, or smartphone, using their Nintendo Network ID to log in. The portal will let players browse recommended courses or search for courses with filters like difficulty, game theme, or course style. Players can also search using a selection of tags, making it easier to find courses that fall into a specific category such as automatic, puzzle, or music. Appealing levels can then be bookmarked for instant access the next time players fire up the game.

A trailer highlighting the new course parts has been embedded above, and another trailer that’ll walk you through the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site is available after the break.

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