Daily Scoop: January 18, 2016 – Pixel shirts are hard to resist

In a shocking turn of events, I was able to play a ton of Fallout 4 this weekend! And I also managed to donate four bags of clothes and shoes, get a lot of freelance work done, finish all my homework, play some Dungeons & Dragons, and I’m close to getting the true ending of Persona 4 Golden. And I even slept! I can’t believe it.

The Winter Sale is in full swing at the Humble Store! Pick up Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin for $19.99, Call of Duty: Black Ops III for $44.99, and Shelter 2 for $7.49, among many others.

There are 185 new Weeklong Deals happening at Steam! You can get Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition for $7.49, Mount Your Friends for $2.49, and Binary Domain for $3.74. The Daily Deal is Tabletop Simulator, which you should absolutely buy if you don’t own it! It’s $9.99 for a single copy, or you can get four copies for $29.99.

There are some awesome t-shirts today!

First up is one I am likely going to buy, despite the fact that I just bagged up 70 t-shirts to donate! It’s “Pierce the Pixels,” the first of two today at The Yetee:


“Ghost in the Pixels” is the second one there:


Qwertee has three shirts today. Up first is “This is Hyrule!”


Second is “Star Moon,” and it glows in the dark:


“Aperture and the Gels” is the third:


Finally, “Welcome Vault Hunter” is on sale at We Heart Geeks:


I am going to have such a hard time not buying one today!

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